Sagittarius or the arch man, from mythology, this constellation is the image of the centaur Chiron, a being who distinguished of the others by his wisdom and knowledge. It was born of the loves between Cronos and the Filira nymph, and had the strange form of half man, half horse, because his father had to become horse to generate it. According to the legend, her mother when seeing that she had generated a monster requested the Gods that transformed it, being turned linden tree.

Chiron was taught by Apolo and Artemisa in the art of the medicine and the hunting, establishing a consultation in a grotto and its disciples was numerous: Cástor, Pollux, Ulises, etc. In the course of a combat it was hurt by an arrow soaked in the blood of the Hidra Lerna, which produced terrible pains to him. Since he was inmortal, it did not want to continue living with a perpetual agony, reason why with the consent of the Gods it shortly after offered his immortality to Prometheus, expiring. Zeus put between the stars of the sky constituting the constellation of Sagittarius (the arch man).


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